Jill Taylor

Miss Jill Taylor has been teaching for over 20 years and holds a B.F.A from Butler University, where she received High Honors in Dance Performance. She also holds her M.F.A. in Dance from The Boston Conservatory. Miss Taylor later went on to dance professionally for Jose Mateo’s Ballet Theatre of Boston and The Boston Dance Company. Miss Taylor has also appeared as a guest artist for Ballet South, in NJ, where she performed the title role of the Sugar Plum Fairy in the Nutcracker.

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  1. Taylor Academy of Dance gives individual attention, correction and help to each dancer, unlike the mega studios that focus on only the top few dancers in the class. I’ve also been very impressed with the quality and organization regarding the classes, productions and recitals. It’s clear the students are absorbing what is being taught and are a pleasure to watch perform. Because Ms. Jill breaks down each dance step into “doable” smaller parts, even the beginner dancers thrive. She also makes class fun and genuinely cares about each child. Thanks to Ms. Jill, dance has become my daughter’s passion.

  2. I love going to dance class! Dancing is my number 1 passion since I have been going there. Jill M. Taylor makes class super fun and cares about each and every single child unlike the huge dance studios that only focus on the top 5-10 students. I love Jill M. Taylor Academy Of Dance!

  3. Miss Jill is an amazing dance teacher. She provides attention for every student. I love going to dance. Dancing has been my number 1 passion for the last several years. At Taylor Academy of Dance there is, no judging or bullying, and at dance I feel like I can be myself. Miss Jill takes time to teach her students proper technique and placement. I love Miss Jill and Taylor Academy of Dance!

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